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Taiwan's Active Participation in AARDO Meeting Gains Merits
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Min-Hsien Yang, Professor, Feng Chia University, Taiwan

Mei-Chen Lo, Assistant Professor, National United University, Taiwan

Source: Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan, Taiwan

Taiwan’s Council of Agriculture (COA) recently participated in the 18th general convention of the African-Asian Rural Development Organization (AARDO) on April 6 to 9 in Mauritius. After 10 years, Taiwan is once again eligible to actively participate as affirmed by the Member Nations, and was even elected to be part of the Executive Committee. In the process Taiwan is expected to deepen its cooperation and relationship especially in the area of Agricultural Exchange with the organizations and those Member Nations through Board participation in the next three years.

COA notes that AARDO, which was founded in 1962, currently has 29 Member Nations, and the organization hold its General Convention once every three years. During the convention, participants review the effectiveness of the implementation of the work plan in the past three years, and also discuss the work plan for the next three years.  Meanwhile, AARDO has selected “Cooperation for Sustainable Development” as the purpose (aim) of the organization, guiding members toward sustainable agricultural and rural development in the future.

COA also noted that Taiwan had joined the organization since 1968 under its official name “the Republic of China”, and actively participated in related activities of AARDO.  It also served as vice chairman in one term and member of the Executive Committee Nation for seven terms by providing training and technical assistance to establish partnerships (cooperation relationship) with Member Nations. Thus, Taiwan will keep on participating in related activities of the organization, and also continue to transact agricultural technical personnel training and dispatch agricultural specialists to provide technical assistance on agricultural related plans, and inviting Ministers of Member Nations, officials and agricultural specialists to do joint inspections with the Members to promote (enhance) agricultural development.

COA pointed out that the convention which was held in Port Louis, Mauritius, a Port in the Indian Ocean, is the most important fishery base for Taiwan. In 2014, Taiwan and Mauritius had a total of 98 trips which form part of the fishery cooperation from Taiwan’s fishing boat, and a total of 509 trips out of the harbor (Port) of tuna fishing boat, producing in catches approximately 73,000 metric tons of fish produce in Mauritius. So, the delegation in this trip actively strengthened the fishery exchanges between Taiwan and Mauritius and future deepened its bilateral fishery partnership.




Date submitted: May 7, 2015

Reviewed, edited and uploaded: May 8, 2015



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