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Guidance to Improve Rural Living Environment of the State Council
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Zhen Zhong

Assistant Professor

School of Agricultural Economics and Rural Development

Renmin University of China


In recent years, local governments have sincerely implemented the decisions and arrangements of the Communist Party of China Central Committee and the State Council, to promote rural infrastructure construction and urban- rural equalization of basic public services. As a result the rural living conditions gradually improved. But it should be noted that China's current overall rural living environment level is still low. And there are still large gaps in living conditions, public facilities, environmental health and other aspects between the comprehensive goals of building a moderately prosperous society. In order to further improve the rural living environment, with the consent of the State Council, ​​the Guidance to Improve Rural Living Environment of the State Council (the Guidance) is made:

Step by step to improve the rural residential environment

(1)To guarantee the basic living conditions, the guidance regulates that completing dangerous house renovation task, establishing and improving the basic rural housing security long-term mechanism should be done before 2020. Improvement of the rural drinking water safety and completion of rural drinking water safety project tasks all over the nation should be complete by the end of the 12th five-year plan.  The improvements are done to strengthen the rural road construction, and help the villagers solve the difficult problems of muddy road. A new reliable, advanced, energy saving and well-managed rural grid will be completed, which is aimed at promoting renewable energy power supply and resolve comprehensive problem related to electrification rural residents house and strengthening the construction of infrastructure to prevent geological disasters or floods.

(2)To develop village environment regulation. Strengthen rural environment management, focus on the governance of rural living garbage and sewage. An appeal is being made to help the villagers start sorting their trash into separate bins and recycle the kitchen, hazardous, and other forms of wastes. Vigorously carry out ecological cleaning small watershed construction, the whole country and the whole village should promote the rural river comprehensive treatment. Separate the area between animal feeding areas and residential living areas. Guide farmers to straw returned or use the straw breeding method. Promote rural cleaning project construction and the use of household biogas. Change the rural toilet and complete non-hazardous sanitary toilet reform tasks. To prevent grain drying phenomenon on country roads and to unify construction of dry field and productive public facilities.

(3)Steady progress will be achieved in livable rural construction. To strengthen the planning management of countryside, keep the village main landscape in harmony with the natural environment as a whole. Combine the soil with water conservation engineering, protection and restoration of natural and rural landscapes. The aim is to carry out the house and yard renovation and beautify the village, protect and repair village facilities such as ponds and ditches.  There should be rompt development of leisure agriculture, rural tourism and cultural creative industry, formulate plans for the development of the traditional village protection, improve the list of historic and cultural villages, traditional local-style dwelling houses, and establish a sound protection and supervision mechanism. We will continue to implement the "broadband China" strategy, to speed up the rural Internet infrastructure construction and promote the broadband network coverage. We will also use small town infrastructure and commercial services facilities to promote the rural resident environment quality as a whole.

Perfect the mechanism and advance the rural resident environmental Improvement

(1)Innovation of investment. Establish a government-leading, villagers' participation, social support and input mechanism. The central government investment should focus on the mid, west and poor areas. Integration which is given priority to the county level shall strengthen agricultural funds. Channels should be processed orderly, must have unified utility and have good overall arrangement. There should be perfect construction of village-level public welfare discussion mechanism in accordance with the project in order to arouse the enthusiasm of farmers to participate in the rural residential environment construction. One of the objectives is to establish incentive mechanism to guide and encourage social capital to participate in the construction. To promote the government, the society should be based on trust in order to forge, contracts, do procurement to make village planning and construction, have order by garbage collector treatment, wastewater treatment, channel management and public services.

(2)To establish a long-term mechanism of the management. Establish village roads, water supply and drainage, garbage and sewage treatment, biogas, channel public facilities to serve as a long-term system of the management, gradually achieve the integration of urban and rural management. Marketing and cultivating professional management team, and improve the personnel quality of the management. To strengthen the construction of grass-roots management ability, and gradually perform village planning and construction, environmental protection, such as river management should be responsible for people.

(3)Strengthen the farmer main significant status. Establish rural living environment governance bottom-up democratic decision-making mechanism and the majority of the masses oriented decision-making mechanism. “Villagers discuss and decide things inside the village common discussion,” and implement the mechanism. Give more power to village committee, village council and villagers' group, guide the villagers to participate in project planning, construction, management and supervision. Improve the system of village affairs, have transparency in implementation of project, forge contracts and investments, accept supervision of the villagers and reviews.

(4)Strengthen organization and leadership. Regions of the people's government at the provincial level should improve overall rural living working environment its responsibility, employ scientific planning, to establish a department linkage mechanism of coordination and propulsion, and have a clear division of responsibilities as a whole. It should also arrange the annual construction task, plan annual work situation to be promptly reported to the urban and rural development, environmental protection department and the agriculture department for the record. All relevant departments should earnestly perform their duties, strengthen the coordination and strengthen guidance to improve rural living environment. To improve urban and rural development, the environmental protection department and the ministry of agriculture should organize to carry out the supervision and inspection, and establish rural living environment statistics and evaluation mechanism and report the progress of the work to the state council regularly.


The Guidance shows the emphasis and support from the government towards the building of ecological civilization. Before, we did not consider the rural ecological environment protection while promoting urbanization. The local government cut down trees, filled up the lake with land for the constraction of buildings. As a result, green lands and other natural scenery are hard to find. However, the real purpose of urbanization is to fully use the advantages of urban areas, rather than becoming a simple mechanical copy of cities with rural components.

Date submitted: Aug. 25, 2015

Reviewed, edited and uploaded: Aug. 28, 2015




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