“Rural up!” of Taiwan Got Nominated in the Reimagine Education Award

Min-Hsien Yang, Professor, Feng Chia University, Taiwan

I Han, Assistant Professor, Feng Chia University, Taiwan




The project of “Rural up!” by Council of Agriculture (COA) is moving toward the 5th annual round, and has been attracting universities and their students to propose creative ways to present actions in order to make a change in the agricultural rural country in Taiwan. It is fascinating that this project just got nominated as Reimagine Education Award by Wharton School in the US and QS World University Rankings in the UK. The nominees are scheduled to be introduced to a worldwide higher education communities in the innovative education conference meeting in December 7 to 9 2015 in the US.

COA said that agriculture needs the participation of people from different professional fields, in order to enhance the agricultural value of identity. In the meantime, agricultural rural villages demand interdisciplinary professionals to make a significant change in agricultural production, living, and ecology.

The project “Rural up!” has annually acquired about 80 interdisciplinary student teams across colleges and/ or universities to sign and participate since the first year. More than 60% of higher education institutions nationwide have their students enrolled and participated in this project since 2011. The project “Rural up!” provides opportunities for college students based on different domains of knowledge skills to deliver into the field of agricultural villages, through participation, observation, learner-centered learning, collaborative rural partnership, in order to work together to move from the current status in rural Taiwan towards the new era.

COA said that Soil and Water Conservation Bureau has made this project unique to be honored as a nominee of Reimagine Education Award out of more than 500 worldwide candidates. Different from the conventional teaching approach as a mainstream of the current higher education system, this project emphasizes on a cross-sector collaboration among the public sector, the school sector, and the rural community sector. Via the cross-sector collaboration, students integrate their various knowledge skills and innovative ideas into a real-world project making impact on agricultural villages, which is far more beyond an in-class school a term project. More importantly, students get rewards beyond a pure score but are honored by a sense of accomplishment from rural community gratitude. All of the competition achievements have been based on volunteering participation of students, teachers, and colleagues from the host authorities by cross-sector collaborations. This common spirit becomes the upmost honorable consensus that emerged and developed through the years leading to the “Rural up!” project.

COA further said that the “Rural up!” project as one of the nominees of Reimagine Education Award is definitely the pride of COA and major milestone for Taiwanese agricultural societies. The worldwide audience will witness the upcoming presentation in the innovative teaching seminar of Wharton Business School in December.


Date submitted: Nov. 14, 2015

Reviewed, edited and uploaded: Nov. 17, 2015