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The State Council published advices on promoting marine fishery’s sustainable and healthy development
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Zhen Zhong
Assistant Professor
School of Agricultural Economics and Rural Development
Renmin University of China
On March 8, 2013, the State Council published Several Advices on Promoting Marine Sustainable and Healthy Development. It is the first time that a state-level marine fishery development document, and the second time that a comprehensive fishery document since CPC and the State Council published instructions on relaxing policies and accelerating development of the aqua product industry in 1985.
From a point of view of China’s modern agriculture and marine economy development, the advices clearly stated directory philosophies, basic principles, target missions and policy support for the development of the marine fishery in the next stage. The advices, a programmatic document, put forward requirements for China’s modern fishery development. On the one hand, it included the marine fishery development into a strong maritime country building strategy. The advices noted to profoundly implement the 18th CPC national congress conclusions and stick to building a strong maritime country so as to accelerate transformation of marine fishery development path and safeguard national awareness, decided on a ecological priority, fishing and breeding incorporated, offshore control, off-sea exploration and continued to raise sustainable development ability of marine fishery.
The advices put forward short-term and middle-term goals for China’s marine fishery development. By 2015, seawater aquatic products output shall be around 30 million tons, seawater farming areas at around 2.2 million hectares with mariculture area within 1.15 million hectares. Off-shore fishing intensity shall be effectively under control, with open sea comprehensive fishery production ability continuously enhancing and sea water product further processing scale continuously expanding. Organized fishery shall be obviously rising with steady increase of fisherman’s income. Fishing vessel’s equipment level shall be obviously lifted with higher safe production ability. Modern fishery industrial system and support system shall see basic formation with fishery rights protection ability apparently raised. Aquatic organism resource conservation and restoration ability shall be distinctly raised with improved fishery ecological environment.
By 2020, oceanic fishery infrastructure shall be significantly improved with further lift of material equipment level and obvious lift of scientific and technological support ability. Sea water farming ecology shall be healthy and highly efficient, with compliant fishing boat quantity, fishing intensity and fishery resource regeneration capacity. Sea water product variety shall be abundant and have safe quality, with obviously improved oceanic fishery ecological environment and fisherman’s production and living conditions. Maritime rights production effect shall be evidently enhanced with the formation of new modern fishery development pattern of pleasant ecological environment, developing production, advanced equipment, high-quality products, increasing fisherman’s income and promoting, safety and harmony.
The advices put forward key missions in five aspects: strengthening marine fishery resource and ecological environment protection and conducting full fishery resource survey; adjusting marine fishery production structure and pattern, scientifically developing sea water farming, actively and steadily developing open sea fishery and strongly promoting sea water product, processing and circulation; lifting maritime fishery infrastructure and equipment level and enhancing fishing port construction and management; further improving fisherman’s livelihood, actively pushing forward fishing village building and effectively promoting fishing and fisherman switching profession; lifting marine fishery organizing and managing level, enhancing fishery administration, law enforcement and maritime rights protection, strengthening foreign-related fishery management and strongly reinforcing fishery safe production management.
The advices put forward requirements from four aspects, namely infrastructure construction, budget support, financial and insurance support, and legal construction, strengthened support and guarantee measures for marine fishery development, and demanded stronger organization and guidance so as to ensure the implementation of all measures and promote sustainable and healthy development of the marine fishery.

     Date submitted: Nov. 23, 2015

     Reviewed, edited and uploaded: Nov. 23, 2015


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