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To Farmers and Residents of Rural Settlements: Multifunctionality payments will support the joint activities of the community!
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Hisako Nomura


Faculty of Agriculture

Kyushu University

6-10-1, Hakozaki-ku

Fukuoka 812-8581



  • The agriculture and rural areas have a variety of functions (multifunction) such as prevention of floods and landslides, conservation of the natural environment, the formation of the beautiful landscape, etc.
  • Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries has cooperated with the prefectures and municipality, to support community joint activities through grants
  • Grants can be used according to local community needs after members of the community had discussed in the region, and formed the organizational development as well as planning. They can determine the activities, participants, per diem and the purchase expenses of the necessary materials
  1. Farmland maintenance payment

We support the basic joint activities, such as mowing of the agricultural surface, removal of mud from the waterways, the road surface of the farm roads

·Farmer-only groups

·Organization composed of farmers and local residents

Mowing of the agricultural surface

Removal of muds from the waterways

  1. Resources improvement payment

We support, repair of facilities such as waterways and farm roads, and cooperative activities such as planting and making a biotope

·Organization composed of farmers and local residents

Planting activities

Partial repair of the farm roads


The basic issue unit price of each payment

(Unit: Yen / 10a)

※ 1: For areas which continue for more than five years of agricultural land and water conservation management payment, the same 75% unit price as agricultural land and water conservation management payment is applied.

※ 2: ② of resources improvement payment (joint activities) is necessary to be addressed in conjunction with the agricultural land maintenance payment of ①.

※ 3: repair a of the aging part of the facility, such as waterways and farm roads and renewal of facilities.

※ 4: If you take up work of ③ resources improvement payment (prolonging life of facilities), 4,400 yen per 10a is added to the unit price in the case of upland. If you take up these three, the ①, ② and ③, then the same 75% unit price as agricultural land and water conservation management payment is applied for ②. If other agricultural field other than rice paddy fields, then the payment rate is 9,200 yen / 10a in total.

※ 5: The agricultural field include the orchards.



How to set-up activities

  1. Starting-up of organization (determines the activities the organization as a target of grant)
  2. the unit of organization should have an easy way to carry out activities

(Such as settlement unit, the agricultural water system unit and the implementation area of agricultural field reform)

(Get a consensus at the general assembly of the organization unit)

  1. Development of plan
  2. documents by using a "template", easy to create
  1. terms of activity organization
  2. annual activity plan

(Time of activity, agricultural land and facilities of interest, efforts content, etc.)

  1. Acceptance of the activity plan by the local authority(submit documents to the municipality)

☞ submit the documents to the municipality, after the certification of the plan, the grant from the municipality issued

  1. Activities implementation, supported by grant

☞ Carry out activities according to the matters specified in the plan

  1. Activities of recording and reporting

☞record the activities of content and money of balance of payments, etc., then submitted to the municipality as a report at the end of the fiscal year

Related information can be found in detail at the following home page

For the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries multifunctionality payment


Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Rural Development Bureau farmland resources Division, farmland and water conservation control section

Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Kasumigaseki 1-2-1、100-8950  (tel.) 03-6744-2447


[i] If you would like to read the original paper in Japanese, please refer to the website: (

Date submitted: Aug. 25, 2016

Reviewed, edited and uploaded: Aug. 26, 2016



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