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Min-Hsien Yang, Professor, Feng Chia University, Taiwan I Han, Associate Professor, Feng Chia University, Taiwan Source: Council of Agriculture The Council of Agriculture (COA) established new paradigm for agricultural development in response to tra..
Dr. Min-Hsien Yang1, Dr. I Han2 1Chief, Office of the Secretariat Professor Feng Chia University No. 100, Wenhwa Road, Seatwen, Taichung 40724  Taiwan, ROC E-mail: 2Dr. I HAN Assistant Professor Dept. of International Trade Feng Chia University ..
Chen-Te Huang Department of Planning, Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan,The Republic of China E-mail:   Current policies related to Direct Payment The Direct Payments in Taiwan are basically complied with the norm in Annex 2 of the Agreeme..
Min-Hsien Yang, Professor, Feng Chia University, Taiwan I Han, Assistant Professor, Feng Chia University, Taiwan The development of innovative agriculture is a mainstream strategy towards the enchancement of overall competitiveness under the globalization of free economies. It is critical..
Hwang-Jaw Lee Ph. D      Abstract In the past years, the changing factors of agriculture developments in Taiwan are influenced greatly both internally and externally. Facing the challenges of new environment, it is critical to establish industrial value chain operation ..
Hwang-Jaw Lee, PhD Board Director, Taiwan Flowers Development Association Agriculture in Taiwan Taiwan is located in the subtropics mountains and rugged hills cover two-thirds of the land, so only about 830,000 hectares of land are suitable for agriculture. The average farm covers 1.1..