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Council of Agriculture to Amend the Law Preventing Market Speculations on Farmlands (2615)  2015-04-14    (242)
Min-Hsien Yang, Professor, Feng Chia University, Taiwan I Han, Assistant Professor, Feng Chia University, Taiwan     The current real estate market in Taiwan has turned its spotlight to the farmland sector. Expected superior return encourages more and more speculated inv..
Providing the real transaction prices of farmland in Korea (2496)  2013-11-22    (258)
韓國政府將公布農地 實際交易價格資訊
Dr. Jeongbin Im Professor Department of Agricultural Economics and Rural Development College of Agricultural and Life Science Seoul National University Seoul, Korea E-mail:   The Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (MAFRA) ann..
Conservation Direction for Premium Agriculture Land in Taiwan (1332)  2013-10-09    (251)
Hwang-Jaw Lee, PhD Board Director, Taiwan Flowers Development Association   With the combination of the Agricultural Development Act amendment (de-regulation) in 2000, and open trading of agriculture land and legacy issues from land reform; arose a set of issues. Arable land have..