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Polina G. Karimova, Ming-Chien Su National Dong Hwa University, Taiwan (R.O.C.) ABSTRACT This article raises the problem of excessive reactive nitrogen (Nr) from agricultural sources – both in Taiwan and in the European Union (EU). A threat of agricultural nitrogen pollution is being addr..
Witsanu Attavanich, Ph.D. Associate Professor Faculty of Economics, Kasetsart University, Thailand email:ABSTRACT Agriculture in developing countries is the most sensitive economic sector when it comes to climate change. Thailand is one of the developing countries where agriculture plays a sig..
Sittidaj Pongkijvorasin1, Khemarat Talerngsri -Teerasuwannajak2 Faculty of Economics, Chulalongkorn University UPLAND AGRICULTURE IN THAILAND Uplands in Thailand, like in many other ASEAN countries, are considered highly important and vulnerab..
Keng-Tung Wu * Associate Professor Department of Forestry, National Chung Hsing University, Taichung, Taiwan Biomass energy or bioenergy, in 2015, was the fourth largest source of the total primary energy supply (TPES) in the world[1]. According to Renewable Energy ..
Yi-Yuan Su Department of Law National Chung Hsing University Assistant ProfessorINTRODUCTION The forests in Taiwan, which covers approximately 2.1 million hectares[1], occupy almost 60.1% of the total land area of the island. It is an important habitat for various animals and plants; it also h..
Hnin Ei Win Center for Applied Economics Research Thailand INTRODUCITON In Thailand, there are mangrove forests along the coastal areas. They play a major role in the ecosystem. They also protects the coastal environment by reducing the erosion and the striking of heavy waves and strong ..
Ruel C. Limbo Supervising Agrarian Reform Program Officer/OIC-Chief, Policy Division Policy and Research Service (PRS) Department of Agrarian Reform (DAR) INTRODUCTION The Philippines lags behind its Asian neighbors in terms of land administration and management.  It is widely acce..
Indu Bala Jaganath Nutrigenomics, MARDI INTRODUCTION Malaysia as a country has the tight to define and control its food sovereignty but the country is open and vulnerable to the challenges of the environment, urbanization, changing demographics, and rising amounts of food waste. Thus, Malaysi..
Mohd Fahimee Jaapar and Rosliza Jajuli Agro biodiversity and Environment Research Centre, MARDI Malaysia is known as one of the world’s mega biodiversity countries. One of the indicators of the high biodiversity in Malaysia is the pollinator species. Previous reports showed that a total of 29 ..
Ms. Princess Alma B. Ani[1] Senior Science Research Specialist Socio-Economics Research Division-Philippine Council for Agriculture, Aquatic and Natural Resources Research and Development (SERD-PCAARRD) [1] Philippine Point Person to the FFTC Project on Asia-Pacific Inf..
Zhen Zhong Assistant Professor School of Agricultural Economics and Rural Development Renmin University of China Tropical germplasm resources are an important part of biodiversity and the material basis for sustainable development of tropical agriculture. China is rich in germplas..
Dr. Kampanat Pensupar1 and Khin Yadanar Oo2 1Department of Agricultural Economics and Resources, Faculty of Economics, Kasetsart University, Bangkok, Thailand 2 Center for Applied Economic Research, Kasetsart University, Bangkok, Thailand Thailand, being one of the world’s bigge..
Tran Cong Thang and Dinh Bao Linh (MA) [1]   Reducing greenhouse gas emission in agricultural production is now an important trend in the world. In Vietnam, in recent years, the Government has issued different policies to deal with climate change and limit the gas emission. In th..