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Rice Seed Marketing and Distribution Situation along Supply Chains of Lower Myanmar (194)  2016-11-16    (44)
Thanda Kyi and Zar Ni Hlaing Director and Researcher Department of Planning Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation ABSTRACT This study attempted to explore the marketing and distribution situation in the supply chain of rice seed in lower Myanmar. The survey was conducted ..
Production of Bovine Meat in Vietnam – Opportunities for Exporting Thai Livestock (615)  2016-10-05    (60)
Dang Xuan Phi Center for Applied Economic Research, Kasetsart University Thailand INTRODUCTION With the increased demand for meat of bovine animals (beef and buffalo meat), Vietnamese producers need to be more strategic in their plans in order to be proficient to supply local demand. They ..
Contract Farming Potential: Case Study on Improvement of Maize Value Chain and Farmers’ Livelihood (977)  2016-05-19    (104)
Thanda Kyi and War War Kyaw Director and Researcher Department of Planning Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation ABSTRACT This study was carried out to understand the maize value chain in Tatkon Township where this study was conducted with the analyses of the produ..
An Overview of Developments and Prospects for E-Commerce Agrifood Products in Malaysia (1913)  2016-03-24    (140)
Suhana Safari and Amira Ngusman Economic and Social Science Research Centre Malaysian Agricultural Research and Development Institute (MARDI) Persiaran MARDI-UPM, 43400 Serdang, Selangor Introduction Application of electronic communications and mu..
Institutional Perspective in Supply Chain Management: The Cases of Abaca, Vegetable and Bamboo Supply Chains in the Philippines (2415)  2015-06-18    (250)
Ernesto O. Brown, Albert P. Aquino, Rocalyn C. Gayagay, Christian L. Abeleda, and Jennifer C. Puntanar[1] [1] Assistant Director and Supervising Science Research Specialist, Chief Science Research Specialist, Science Research Analyst, and Science Research Specialists, resp..
Rice Policy Review in Vietnam (3577)  2015-04-13    (265)
Dr. Tran Cong Thang and Dinh Thi Bao Linh[1]   Key words: rice, polices, Vietnam. INTRODUCTION Rice policy is one of the most important agricultural policies in Vietnam, because of the role that rice plays in the economic and social development of the country. Vietnam is a co..
The Development and Expansion Strategy for Taiwan’s Floriculture Industry (2893)  2014-11-20    (276)
Hwang-Jaw Lee Board Director, Taiwan Flowers Development Association   Preface Floriculture growing in Taiwan has been a long history, only since 1970s, floriculture growing has become a developing industry. In 1971, Taiwan Floriculture Development Association (TFDA) was orga..
China’s Leisure Agriculture Booming Nationwide (1179)  2014-11-04    (281)
Zhen Zhong Assistant Professor School of Agricultural Economics and Rural Development Renmin University of China   Recent years, leisure agriculture boomed across the country, with the number of leisure farms, their quality and profits are all on the rise. First, the ..
Agricultural Marketing Policies in Vietnam (2694)  2014-10-13    (286)
Dr. Tran Cong Thang and Dinh Thi Bao Linh[1]   Key words: agriculture, marketing polices, Vietnam.   INTRODUCTION Since the important role of the agricultural marketing system in agricultural trade and in determining the prices of farm products, agricultural marketin..
The Beef Market and Beef Cattle Farmers in Japan (2297)  2014-07-30    (304)
Yoshihisa Godo Professor, Meiji Gakuin University, Japan   INTRODUCTION Although Japan is the third largest beef importing country in the world (US Department of Agriculture, Livestock and Poultry: World Markets and Traders), with imports accounting for nearly 60% of domestic..