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Chih-Chin Shih Forestry Bureau, Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan, Taiwan Present Address: No.2, Sec. 1, Hang Chow S. Rd., Taipei, Taiwan e-mail: ABSTRACT The concept and practice of the Satoyama Initiative have been widely welcomed by the government and the public a..
Hualien District Agricultural Research and Extension Station1, Li-Yun Gong2, and Jennifer Lii3 1Hualien District Agricultural Research and Extention Station, HDARES, Ji’an Township, Hualien County, Taiwan 2 Sinshe Tribe, Fengbin Township, Taiwan 3 Food and Fertilizer Technology Center for A..
Yu-en Chung Chief Executive Officer, FuliMaker: Rural Living Experimental Hub e-mail: ABSTRACT Aging is now the most crucial issue in Taiwan, and its impact on the farm villages is even more severe. According to the report made by the National Development Council, the to..
Siddharth Edake1, Pia Sethi1, Yatish Lele1 1 Centre for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services, The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI), New Delhi – 110003, India e-mail: ABSTRACT In Nagaland, located within the Indo-Burma and Himalaya biodiversity hotspots in..
Dr. Kuang-Chung Lee1, Polina G. Karimova2, Ya-Hsin Chiu3, and Dr. Hwa-Ching Lin4 1 Associate professor, National Dong-Hwa University, Taiwan 2 PhD student, National Dong-Hwa University, Taiwan 3 Research assistant, National Dong-Hwa University, Taiwan 4 Director General, Forestry Bureau, Council..