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New Zealand: Changes to sea lion protections in Auckland Islands (119)  2019-11-22
Fishing rule changes to reduce threats to sea lions in the subantarctic Auckland Islands squid fishery have been decided.  New Zealand sea lions are a national taonga. They were hunted to near extinction in the 1800s, but have been recovering since hunting was prohibited. Their threat classi..
New Zealand: Restoring native forests and upskilling rangatahi (94)  2019-11-20
An iwi-led project in Hawke’s Bay has just received $480,560 through the One Billion Trees Fund to restore native forest and upskill rangatahi [young people]. In 2017, approximately 73 hectares of virgin native forest in the upper Ripia River catchment were severely damaged by fire. The maj..
New Zealand: Consultation on plan to transform and improve inshore finfish fisheries management (76)  2019-11-19
Fisheries New Zealand has begun public consultation on a new Draft National Inshore Finfish Fisheries Plan, which will guide the management of these important fisheries for the next 5 years. Director of fisheries management, Stuart Anderson says New Zealand’s inshore finfish resources are i..
New Zealand: Government backs edible seaweed venture (224)  2019-08-30
A pest seaweed is to be turned into a premium edible export in a Government funded venture announced by Agriculture Minister Damien O’Connor and Fisheries Minister Stuart Nash today. Coromandel company Wakame Fresh is receiving $75,000 of funding through the Government’s Sustainable F..
New Zealand: New survey measures recreational fishing (171)  2019-08-28
A Fisheries New Zealand national survey of recreational fishing has confirmed the ongoing importance of recreational fishing. The National Panel Survey – which is conducted every 5 to 6 years – provides a snapshot of recreational fishing activity around the country, says Fisheries New..
Japan leaving the International Whaling Commission is a disaster, but not for the reasons you think (1028)  2019-01-04
The reaction to Japan leaving the International Whaling Commission (IWC) has been predictable, offering nothing new. The Australian Government has said it's "extremely disappointed", while UK Secretary of State for the Environment Michael Gove tweeted that Britain would "contin..