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Myanmar risks losing forests to oil palm, but there’s time to pivot (80)  2019-11-13
Indonesia and Malaysia have long occupied the spotlight for oil palm plantations and their adverse consequences, including deforestation, habitat loss, climate change, and struggles with indigenous and local people. But other Southeast Asian countries are fast joining the two oil palm giants, with M..
Seed bank established to save indigenous crops in Nepal (918)  2018-07-01
With various crops grown in the district possessing immense health benefits being pushed to the verge of extinction as their value was not being understood by a majority of the people, the rural municipality formed Masta Small Farmer Cooperative. It has organized the farmers to run a campaign to ..
Myanmar government to help fisheries continue Saudi exports (1059)  2018-05-21
The Myanmar government has announced to work closely with the country’s seafood companies in meeting trade requirements by Saudi Arabia and continue fish exports to the Middle East nation. In February 2018, Saudi Arabia announced to temporarily suspend fish product import from Bangladesh, I..