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Policy packaging can make food system transformation feasible (47)  2020-03-25
Abstract Redesigning food production and consumption is key to limiting global warming, soil erosion and biodiversity loss. Yet, transforming the food system may involve political feasibility problems, as potentially effective policy interventions interfere with citizens’ daily lives. Here,..
Possible impacts of air-pollution caused ozones on the agricultural yield (74)  2020-03-20
Introduced by Kun-Chan Tsai, FFTC e-mail: For the agricultural value chain, a sound infrastructure can shorten the distance from farmgate to market, maintaining the freshness and prolong the shell-life of agricultural products. But you may not know the ozone, which is synthesi..
Can contract farming contribute to economic improvement to smallholder farmers (358)  2020-02-19
Introduced by Kun-Chan Tsai, FFTC e-mail: Contract farming, viewed as an preharvest option for farmers selling yield to buyers (process factory, business middleman, or wholesalers et al.), has been conucted for years in developing and under-developed countries. Under the globa..
Global food system dynamics and conflicts under economic development and policy (332)  2020-01-30
Introduced by Kun-Chan Tsai, FFTC e-mail: In the past decades, the global agriculture has experienced siginificant innovation and advancement for better production output and higher yield efficiency, moving closer toward the ultimate target of global food security. Through t..
The geographic distinctiveness of African Swine Fever (ASF) in Europe and Asia (215)  2020-01-30
Introduced by Kun-Chan Tsai, FFTC e-mail: The occurrence and prevalence ASF has negatively affected global pig meat supply, raising meat price into the recorded high, incluing bacon in USA. Asia accounts for nearly 56% of global pig meat production, and China is ranked first p..
Sustainability certification as a pillar to promote Indonesian coffee competitiveness (169)  2020-01-16
Author: A Wahyudi, S Wulandari, A Aunillah, and JC Alouw IOP Conf. Series: Earth and Environmental Science 418 (2020) 012009 In addition to crop food, the other way to improve welfare and increase income of smallholder farmers in developing country is economic crops, such as coffee, cocoa, oil p..
Effect of tolerance on the evolution of antibiotic resistance under drug combination (225)  2020-01-15
Author: Jiafeng Liu, Orit Gefen, Irine Ronin, Maskit Bar-Meir, Nathalie Q. Balaban Science 367:200-204 (2020)  Liu et al. (2020) proposed a concept that, under the presence of antibiotc tolerance background, the appearane of antibiotic resistance will be faster which lead to the collapse ..
Realizing the potential of digital development: The case of agricultural advice (169)  2020-01-08
The agricultural output could be possibly increased by the prevalence of mobile device. When talking about ICT (Information Communication Technology), people always think about Facebook and IG in domestic use, or space shuttle, unmanned areial vehicle (UAV) and satellite in specialized appli..
FAO welcomes global recognition of fruits, vegetables, tea and food loss and waste (105)  2019-12-19
FAO welcomes today's decision by the United Nations to create two new international days and one international year devoted to issues directly related to food and agriculture. The UN General Assembly adopted resolutions designating 2021 as the International Year of Fruits and Vegetables, 21 M..
FAO and the Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences strengthen efforts to build sustainability in fisheries and aquaculture (171)  2019-12-16
The UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and the Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences (CAFS) today agreed to strengthen cooperation and build the capacity and sustainability of fisheries and aquaculture in developing countries. The partnership will advance the transfer of technology and capa..
Need for transformational change to address food security, agriculture and forestry together (191)  2019-12-12
FAO Director-General QU Dongyu today called for a transformational change aimed at addressing food security, agriculture and forestry together - through a holistic approach. "It is possible to reconcile food security, agriculture production and forest conservation," said the FAO chief a..
Global project launched to tackle plastic litter from ships and fisheries (183)  2019-12-05
A new global project to prevent and reduce marine plastic litter from shipping and fisheries has been launched today (5 December) by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO). Initial funding for the project is from the Govern..
China makes biggest US soybean purchases since June (440)  2019-09-20
Privately run Chinese firms on Thursday bought at least 10 boatloads of US soybeans on Thursday, the nation’s most significant purchases since at least June, traders said, ahead of high-level talks next month aimed at ending a bilateral trade war that has lasted more than a year. The so..
U.S. Cattle production sustainability (185)  2019-08-26
Greenhouse Gas Emissions Breakdown in the U.S. According to the U.S. EPA’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions inventory, 2% of U.S. emissions come directly from beef cattle [1](methane from cattle belches, methane and nitrous oxide from manure). Total direct emissions from all agricultural prod..
Global: We must not barter the Amazon rainforest for burgers and steaks (594)  2019-07-09
European leaders have thrown the Amazon rainforest under a Volkswagen bus in a massive cows-for-cars trade deal with Brazil and three other South American nations. The EU-Mercosur agreement – the largest in Europe’s history, according to officials – will make it cheaper for ..
Global: The geopolitics of palm oil and deforestation (746)  2019-07-09 (2063)
Like other vegetable and animal fats, palm oil follows food-supply trends that have been well documented since the 18th century. For example, in France the calorie intake per capita peaked around 1900 and has since been stable.  While the total caloric intake in France has levelled off, ..