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First batch of Taiwan guavas shipped to US hailed as milestone (35)  2020-01-07
Taiwan has become the only Asian country allowed to export guavas to the U.S., with the first batch of the tropical fruit being shipped out on Friday (Dec. 27). The batch contains 18,000 kilograms of guavas, according to Tainan Mayor Huang Wei-cher (黃偉哲), who attended a ceremony marking the..
Taiwan: Embracing agricultural cold chain commercial opportunities in New Southbound Policy partner countries; Council of Agriculture holds course to train agricultural cold chain managers (79)  2019-11-28
In order to train professionals for Taiwanese agribusinesses operating in New Southbound Policy partner countries, the Council of Agriculture (COA) held a special class focusing on agricultural cold chains from November 25-28 entitled “2019 New Southbound Talent Training Program: Agricultural ..
Taiwanese agricultural machinery, materials, and equipment sent to Malaysia to create local services model, marking a breakthrough in Taiwan-Malaysia agricultural cooperation (69)  2019-11-22
Today (November 22) the Council of Agriculture (COA) of the Executive Yuan opened the three-day “Taiwan Agricultural Machinery and Materials Expo” at the JS Agri-Park in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. With an operating model that offers innovative services and establishment of agricultural exten..
Taiwan: Help rid the ocean of its ghosts (133)  2019-11-09
The waters that surround Taiwan and the nation’s role in the world’s oceans have been the focus of top-level attention this year, as the government has endeavored for the EU to lift its yellow card on the deep-waters fishery industry and to win passage of the Ocean Basic Act (海洋基本法). ..
Taiwan: Council of Agriculture holds “Forum on Export Platform for Taiwan Guavas,” taking first major steps towards exporting guavas to the US (91)  2019-11-06
The sanitary and phytosanitary regulations for the export of guava from Taiwan to the United States officially took effect on October 17 (US Eastern time). After efforts over the last ten years to review documentary information, do in situ verifications, and hold numerous consultations, the Council ..
Taiwan: COA imposes fines on pork from South Korea (275)  2019-09-20
With South Korea confirming an outbreak of African swine fever, the Council of Agriculture (COA) yesterday said that travelers caught bringing in pork products from that country would be fined a minimum of NT$200,000 (US$6,444). Taiwan has been striving to keep the deadly swine disease at bay..
Taiwan to send agricultural delegation to Mississippi next month (231)  2019-08-28
The trade numbers make Taiwan Mississippi's 10th largest trading partner in Asia. Praising Mississippi as an American agricultural powerhouse, the president said Taiwan will send an agricultural mission to the state in September for closer exchanges. Aside from its traditional strength in ..
National Taiwan University develops smart agriculture (235)  2019-08-19
National Taiwan University (NTU) has joined hands with the drone industry to establish the Apex Agri-Intelligence Lab on Monday (Aug. 19). NTU's College of Bio-Resources and Agriculture collaborates with Jingwei Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (經緯航太公司), which develops..
Taiwan: Delegation to promote agriculture in Russia (227)  2019-08-16
A Council of Agriculture-led delegation is to travel to Moscow on Wednesday next week to take part in a two-day promotion of Taiwanese agricultural products. Russia imports more than US$28 billion in agricultural produce, while yam exports to Russia could reach NT$300 per kilogram, the council sa..
Taiwan’s sweet potato enters global market (325)  2019-08-07
The Council of Agriculture on Tuesday (Aug. 6) held the Innovation Incubation Graduation Presentation, in which 15 Taiwanese companies took part and showed the fruits of their labor. According to the Council of Agriculture, agricultural start-ups focus more and more on the use of technology, and ..
Taiwan: Satellite image deal severed after China link found (282)  2019-08-07
The Council of Agriculture last month terminated a contract with a Taiwanese satellite image supplier after finding that its images were sourced from a China-based firm, a council official said yesterday, after local media raised information security concerns. The council’s Agricultural Res..
Promoting Taiwan’s rural activities and agricultural products (270)  2019-08-06
To promote rural experience activities and agricultural products, Kaohsiung City Government Agriculture Bureau participated in the Autumn International Travel Exhibition at the Singapore Exhibition Centre with the Kaohsiung City Tourism Association and local practitioners from 2-4 August. As one ..
Taiwan: Tainan to host Asia-Pacific Orchid Conference in 2022 (263)  2019-07-31
Tainan has been selected to host the 15th Asia-Pacific Orchid Conference (APOC) in 2025, organizers announced in Malaysia on Friday. Tainan Deputy Mayor Hsu Yu-tien (許育典) was in Malaysia on behalf of the Tainan City Government, leading a team promoting the city’s bid to host the event..
Bio Asia Taiwan highlights full use of agriculture products (253)  2019-07-25
At Bio Asia Taiwan Thursday (July 25), I-Mei Biomedicine (義美生醫) and I-Mei Macrobiotics (義美生機) presented their concept of making full use of agricultural produce, based on the premise that food and medicine share the same origin. All ingredients for their products originate within ..
Taiwan expands hand luggage checks to arrivals from Russia (248)  2019-07-24
Passengers arriving at Taiwan airports and seaports from Russia are now subject to hand luggage checks, as part of the government's efforts to prevent the entry of African swine fever (ASF), the Council of Agriculture (COA) said Wednesday. The measure was put in place July 19, following the r..
Taiwan's bananas to be served at Japanese schools (256)  2019-07-24
Taiwan’s bananas will be served at school lunch tables and be available in the supermarkets of eastern Japanese cities starting this November. The Council of Agriculture (COA) signed an agreement on Wednesday (July 24) with the authorities of Kasama, a city northeast of Tokyo, on promoting ..
Taiwan: Cabinet passes bill to create agricultural insurance mechanism (254)  2019-07-18
The Executive Yuan passed a draft act Thursday to create an agricultural insurance mechanism, under which the government will pay up to 50 percent of the premium to boost the insured rate, in the hope of better protecting the nation's farmers from dramatic financial losses due to weather, diseas..
Taiwan implements cash incentives for leopard cat protection (246)  2019-07-15
A trial program for the conservation of the leopard cat (石虎) was approved by the Council of Agriculture on July 1, and incentive measures are being introduced in Miaoli and Nantou counties in a bid to protect endangered species. According to the Forest Bureau, cash rewards will be provided to..
Taiwan: Agricultural exports rise to new high of NT$85.3 billion (231)  2019-07-13
Taiwan’s agricultural exports from January to last month reached a new high of NT$85.3 billion (US$2.7 billion), with sales of fruit surpassing last year’s total, Council of Agriculture (COA) Minister Chen Chi-chung (陳吉仲) said yesterday, adding that the council is eyeing new market..
Taiwan: COA hails ‘no shots’ anniversary (394)  2019-07-09
The Council of Agriculture (COA) yesterday announced that foot-and-mouth disease has been eliminated from Taiwan, as no case had been detected in the past year, without vaccination, 23 years after an outbreak put a halt to the nation’s pork exports. “I hereby announce that Taiwan,..
Taiwan: White paper urges drastic plans on greenhouse gas (475)  2019-06-07
Academia Sinica yesterday released a white paper urging authorities to adopt more drastic plans to curb greenhouse gas emissions and draft climate change legislation. The drafting of the white paper, “Taiwan Deep Decarbonization Policy,” started in 2015 and took more than three years ..
Taiwan to boost organic farming industry with new law taking effect May 30 (223)  2019-05-31
Taiwan has entered a new phase of agricultural development with the Organic Agriculture Promotion Act (有機農業促進法) going into effect on Thursday (May 30). The act was designed to protect water and soil, the environment, biodiversity, animal welfare, and consumer interests. It also prov..
Taiwan: Agricultural losses from heavy rain reach NT$80 million (658)  2019-05-30 (1458)
Agricultural losses from several days of heavy rain have reached NT$80 million (US$2.53 million), Council of Agriculture (COA) chief Chen Chi-chung (陳吉仲) said Thursday. Chen told reporters that Kaohsiung and Pingtung in southern Taiwan suffered the heaviest losses at NT$23 million and NT$15..
Taiwan: An Industry First and a Steady Source of Income for Fishermen: Individually Frozen and Glazed Sakura Shrimp (394)  2019-05-28
The AGTECH Program was initiated in 2007 by the Council of Agriculture (COA) under the Executive Yuan, and it has already subsidized many companies for various successful R&D achievements and subsequent transition to commercialization. Among these companies is Fortune Life Enterprise Co., Ltd., ..
New Southbound Policy bearing fruit, says Taiwan trade office (420)  2019-05-23
The number of people from “New Southbound” countries residing in Taiwan has increased by 60 percent since 2016, according to the Executive Yuan’s Office of Trade Negotiations. The office said on Thursday afternoon (May 23) that the government’s efforts in promoting ties wi..
Taiwan, the Philippines to set up demonstration sites for agricultural exchanges (546)  2019-05-16 (1424)
The 7th Taiwan-Philippines Agricultural Meeting took place in Taipei on May 14, during which the two sides discussed a broad range of agricultural topics and sought ways to increase bilateral cooperation in agriculture and fisheries technologies. According to the Council of Agriculture (COA), the..
Taiwan: Quarantine bureau on guard against fall armyworm (376)  2019-05-14
Taiwan’s quarantine bureau is on alert against the fall armyworm, an invasive insect that devastates crops. Since reaching Asia in 2018, the fall armyworm has spread through southern and southwestern China. Should the insects make it across the Taiwan Strait, the consequences for Tai..
Next invasion of Taiwan from China could be fall armyworm (348)  2019-05-14
In addition to fears of the spread of African swine fever, a new scourge from China could soon be threatening the livelihood of Taiwanese farmers, the fall armyworm. The fall armyworm (FAW), which looks similar to the tobacco cutworm, but is a more serious threat, has recently caused large-scale ..
Taiwan to be foot-and-mouth-disease-free next year: Council of Agriculture (304)  2019-05-06
The Executive Yuan’s Council of Agriculture (COA) announced on Monday (May 6) that Taiwan has successfully eradicated the foot and mouth disease (FMD). After 23 years of combatting FMD, Taiwan has finally been able to claim itself free from the epidemic, said COA deputy minister Huang Chin-..
Taiwan signs cooperation agreement with Vietnam on demonstration center for seedling production, encouraging bilateral germplasm exchange and opening up export opportunities for Taiwanese agricultural equipment. (384)  2019-04-28
As part of the implementation of the Agricultural New Southbound Policy and the promotion of regional agricultural development, today (April 25) in Vietnam, the Chiayi Agricultural Experiment Branch of the Taiwan Agricultural Research Institute (TARI) signed the “Agreement to Cooperate on a De..
Taiwan imports most pork from Canada, U.S. is No.4 supplier (543)  2019-04-25 (1439)
Taiwan imported most of its pork in 2018 from Canada, while insisting it will maintain a ban on the presence of the lean-meat agent ractopamine in pork despite pressure from the United States, the island’s No.4 supplier. A delegation from the U.S. Department of Agriculture visited Taiwan Ap..
Taiwan lychee harvest halved due to mild and dry winter (337)  2019-04-17
Taiwan will produce less than half the normal amount of lychees for the first time in almost 50 years because the past winter was not cold and wet enough, reports said Wednesday (April 17). The Council of Agriculture (COA) said that only 20 percent of lychee and longan trees had blossomed, leadin..
New Taipei and IFOAM promote healthy sustainable agriculture in Taiwan (332)  2019-03-30
New Taipei City in cooperation with the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movement (IFOAM Asia), held a youth seminar on March 29 to promote nutrition and organic farming practices. The seminar was entitled "Access to Markets: A Road to Sustainability" and invited experts ..
Dead pig found on beach in Kinmen confirmed infected with ASF (565)  2019-03-14
Test results conducted on a pig carcass discovered on a beach in the offshore county of Kinmen a day earlier came back positive for African swine fever (ASF), according to Taiwan's Central Emergency Operation Center for ASF Thursday. Samples taken from the carcass were found to contain sequen..
New luggage scanners installed at Taiwan airports in fight against ASF (560)  2019-03-13
Two X-ray machines have been installed at Kaohsiung International Airport and one at Tainan Airport in southern Taiwan to facilitate scanning of all hand luggage brought into the country, as Taiwanese authorities step up their efforts to keep African swine fever (ASF) at bay. The new luggage scan..
Taoyuan, Marshall Islands sign MOU on agricultural exports (574)  2019-03-12
A memorandum of understanding (MOU) for promoting cooperation in exports of agricultural produce from Taoyuan to Taiwan ally the Marshall Islands was signed between a supplier and seller Tuesday, with nine tons of fruit and vegetables to be exported to the Pacific Ocean nation for the first time. ..
Taiwan: Farmers clinch NT$2.37bn of export orders in Japan (550)  2019-03-09
A national delegation of farmers has secured more than NT$2.37 billion (US$76.69 million) of orders at Foodex Japan, Council of Agriculture Minister Chen Chi-chung (陳吉仲) said at a news conference in Taipei yesterday. Chen has been involved in a spat with Kaohsiung Mayor Han Kuo-yu (韓國瑜)..
Taiwan: COA to allow in 450 Indonesians to deal with farm labor shortage (554)  2019-03-08
Taiwan will allow more than 400 Indonesian youths into the country next month to help ease Taiwan's farm labor shortage, Council of Agriculture (COA) chief Chen Chi-chung (陳吉仲) said Friday. Speaking at a legislative hearing, Chen said that about 450 young Indonesian nationals will arriv..
Agricultural losses in Taiwan top NT$600 million due to warm winter (514)  2019-03-06
Taiwan has recorded agricultural losses of nearly NT$600 million (US$19.45 million) in the past six weeks due to warmer than usual winter temperatures, with Kaohsiung the hardest hit, according to figures released by the Council of Agriculture (COA) Wednesday. The COA data showed that farmers aro..
Taiwan: Han secures orders for Kaohsiung farm goods in Singapore, Malaysia (507)  2019-02-27
Kaohsiung Mayor Han Kuo-yu (韓國瑜) has secured orders worth hundreds of millions of Taiwan dollars in Singapore and Malaysia during a visit to the two countries that will wrap up Thursday. On Tuesday, Han signed a three-year contract with Seah Kian Peng (謝健平), chief executive official o..
More than 15,000 chickens in Taiwan culled due to H5N2 infection (506)  2019-02-25
A total of 16,728 Taiwan native chickens at a farm in Taiwan’s southwestern county of Yulin were culled on Sunday (Feb. 24) after some of the chicken were confirmed as having been infected with H5N2 one day earlier, according to a Central News Agency (CNA) report on Sunday. The Animal and P..
Taiwan agricultural exports hit record high in 2018 (510)  2019-02-22
Taiwan saw its agricultural exports soar to US$5.47 billion in 2018, marking the highest in two decades, Premier Su Tseng-chang (蘇貞昌) announced Thursday after receiving a briefing on the country’s policy to promote agricultural produce. According to Su, Taiwan’s exports to China..
U.S. Agriculture Department to send first trade mission to Taiwan (477)  2019-02-20
The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) will send its first-ever trade mission to Taiwan in April, the American Institute in Taiwan (AIT) said Tuesday. Citing a USDA press release issued on December, AIT spokesperson Amanda Mansour told CNA that the trade mission will take place from April 22 t..
All passengers from Vietnam to be checked for pork products (507)  2019-02-15
Taiwan has begun checking all passengers arriving in the country from Vietnam for possession of pork products after a pork sandwich brought into Taiwan by a traveler from Ho Chi Minh City tested positive for African swine fever (ASF). It was the latest step taken by Taiwan to keep the ASF virus o..
Taiwan's Yunlin County culls another poultry farm due to bird flu, 62 farms in total for 2018 (638)  2019-01-01
A turkey farm was found to be infected with the H5N2 bird flu virus on Dec. 27 TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – After a difficult year for poultry farmers in Yunlin County, another farm was discovered to have been infected with the bird flu virus, leading to prompt action by the local government and ..
Taiwanese customs officers see no decline in meat smuggler despite heavy fine (648)  2018-12-29
Travelers are notably advised not to smuggle pork and other banned meat products into Taiwan or will receive a fine of NT$200,000 for first-time violation TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – In order to prevent the contagion of African swine disease onto the island, Taiwan has beefed up penalties for br..
Taiwan seeks removal from EU illegal fishing watch list with tighter regulation (1287)  2018-09-13 (2257)
The Executive Yuan of Taiwan passed an amendment Sept. 13 proposing stricter regulations for fishing that will see violators given fines of up to NT$2.5 million (US$80,475)  for importing illegal fishery products. The amendment for the Act for Distant Water Fisheries (遠洋漁業條例), pe..
Taiwan: Philippine envoy upbeat on Southbound Policy pipeline, discloses talks on visas (837)  2018-08-07
The Cabinet’s New Southbound Policy is bearing fruit in the Philippines, as Taipei and Manila are cooperating more closely on agriculture, trade and investment, and education and healthcare, Manila Economic and Cultural Office (MECO) Chairman and Resident Representative Angelito Banayo said. ..
Vietnamese delegation visits Taiwan to promote cooperation in agriculture, education (865)  2018-06-27
A vice chairman of a Vietnamese province and the sister of Vietnam’s Deputy Prime Minister made a visit to Taiwan this week to attend forum on agriculture and the economy hosted by the Taiwan Academy of Banking and Finance (TABF). While at the June 25 "Agricultural Science, Techno..
Australian wheat penetrates Taiwan (1002)  2018-06-12
TAIWAN could emerge as a significant market for Australian wheat, as awareness of the quality of local grain grows among local flour millers. Currently Taiwan averages about 230,000 tonnes in Australian wheat imports each year, worth about $80 million. Australian Export Grains Innovation Centr..
Taiwan, the Philippines to set up demonstration sites for agricultural exchanges (1015)  2018-05-16
The 7th Taiwan-Philippines Agricultural Meeting took place in Taipei on May 14, during which the two sides discussed a broad range of agricultural topics and sought ways to increase bilateral cooperation in agriculture and fisheries technologies. According to the Council of Agriculture (COA), the..
The Council of Agriculture (COA) strengthens ranch sources management to facilitate egg hygiene and safety control mechanism in Taiwan (2189)  2015-05-04
Regarding the health, safety and labeling of commercial egg production, the COA strengthens source management at the side of livestock farms by means of gradually constructed consumers’ recognition on friendly egg production systems.   Source:
Agriculture and Food Agency and Ministry of Health and Welfare Activates 2015 Joint in Section of Rice Products in Taiwan (2146)  2015-04-13
Agriculture and Food Agency will conduct joint inspections on rice products in Taiwan twice a year. The candidate firms will be randomly selected to get inspections in order to ensure food safety and quality for the Taiwanese people.   (Research and summarized by Dr. Ming-Hsin Yang)  ..
Council of Agriculture to Amend Law to Prevent Market Speculations on Farmlands in Taiwan (2198)  2015-04-13
The current real estate market in Taiwan has turned its spotlight to the farmland sector. Expected superior return encourages more and more speculated investments in farmlands and farmhouses everywhere in Taiwan. Unfortunately, many of so-call ”farmhouses” are actually luxury holiday hou..