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Thailand moves to tackle drought (147)  2020-01-09
The Agriculture and Cooperatives Ministry of Thailand is planning to build 421 more water storage facilities in the fight against a looming water shortage, which is believed will be the worst in the last ten years. According to Agriculture and Cooperatives Minister Chalermchai Sri-on, the fa..
Taiwan prepares to import 7 farm workers from Thailand (147)  2020-01-07
Preparations are underway to import farm workers from overseas for the first time, reports said Wednesday (December 18). Earlier this year, the government decided to allow the importation of foreign workers to address shortages in Taiwan’s agriculture sector. While the program moved forward..
Thousands of Thai fishermen protest against tough industry regulations (146)  2020-01-07
Several thousand Thai fishermen protested outside the agriculture ministry on Tuesday over strict regulations aimed at combating illegal and unregulated fishing which they say are driving them out of business. Thailand, one of the world’s largest seafood exporters, began cracking down on il..
Thailand: Deputy PM Anutin backs spray ban (295)  2019-09-20
Deputy Prime Minister and Public Health Minister, Anutin Charnvirakul, on Thursday voiced his strong support for a ban on toxic herbicides paraquat, glyphosate, and chlorpyrifos -- a stance shared by the Agriculture and Cooperatives and Industry ministries. Mr Anutin expressed his backing for..
Thailand: Grisada plots immediate paraquat ban (438)  2019-07-09
Agriculture and Cooperatives Minister Grisada Boonrach yesterday expressed his desire to leave a legacy before leaving office by imposing an immediate ban on three toxic farm chemicals, namely paraquat, glyphosate and chlorpyrifos. He is reported to have sent an urgent letter to the permanent..
Thailand: Dept readies farmer support guidelines for govt (386)  2019-07-09
The Internal Trade department is preparing guidelines for the income guarantee scheme for four crops -- rice, maize, oil palm and cassava -- to submit to the government. Director-general Whichai Phochanakij said the department will hand its proposal to the new commerce minister, expected to b..
Cargill invests in Thai poultry, aqua feed operations (955)  2018-11-28
US$70 million investment includes expansion of cooked poultry facility in Nakornratchasima and upgrade of aqua feed plant in Petchaburi Cargill is investing more than US$70 million in facilities in Thailand over the next two years to address the increase in global demand of seafood and poult..
A Chiang Rai Farmer Commence Rice Harvest, Government Predicts High Prices (870)  2018-11-05
With the availability of harvesting machines, farmers will be able to harvest crops in time to maintain high quality and command high prices. CHIANG RAI – The Commerce Ministries acting spokesman Buddhipongse Punnakanta said on Sunday that the Government will help provide farmers with ..
Price for Thai Jasmine Rice and Exports Rises Significantly (846)  2018-10-28
Major buyers have been Benin, Indonesia, the Philippines, China and South Africa with orders still pending from the Philippines. BANGKOK – Director-General of the Department of Foreign Trade (DFT) Adul Chotinisakorn has reported the value of Jasmine rice has risen significantly to 18,0..
Farm machinery uptake to increase, predicted Thai agricultural experts (1207)  2018-06-21
The use of farm machinery is set to be increased in Thailand’s agricultural practices, according to the international experts. An exclusive interview forum for media to discuss the topic “Improving Efficiency in Crop Production – How New Technologies Support Farmers in Modern Cr..
Thailand seeks formation of cassava bloc (1084)  2018-06-21
Thailand wants to form a coalition with Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam, all cassava-producing nations, to guarantee a stable price for the commodity and avoid future price wars, according to an article published yesterday in the Bangkok Post. The resulting bloc would be the largest cassava associati..
Thai Academics Urge Government to Ban Dangerous Herbicides and Pesticides (1133)  2018-05-17
Academics in Thailand are urging the Thai Government to prioritize the protection of people’s health from the threat of chemical contamination and ensure a healthy environment in keeping with the county’s pledge to pursue Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The group of professors a..
China’s Alibaba Group and Thailand boost agri-trade between the countries (1308)  2018-04-25
Thailand and Chinese multinational Alibaba entered into a strategic partnership to drive the development of Thailand's digital economy and the Eastern Economic Corridor under the Thailand 4.0 policy, as well as developing smart tourism and Thai agricultural exports to China. Under this partne..
Thailand held one of its biggest rice auctions (1984)  2016-06-20
The Thailand government's rice stocks reached 18.7 million tons through various rice pledging schemes, which bought rice from farmers at prices 40% above market rates from 2011-14. The Thailand government called this its biggest rice auction to capitalize on higher demand as new supply wanes. ..
Thailand Government strengthens trade ties with CLMV (2076)  2016-06-20
The international Trade Promotion Department of Thailand will soon have a project for improving business ties with Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, and Vietnam ( CLMV). (written by Petchanet Pratruangkrai) Source:
Thailand will no longer allow GM plants import following the agreement to join TPP ( Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) (1932)  2016-06-20
Thailand would neither allow the import of genetically modified (GM) plants nor the registration of longan as a new plant variety in other countries if the Kingdom were to join the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), the Commerce Ministry clarified recently. (written by Petchanet pratruangkrai) S..
Thailand is the world’s biggest rice exporter in the first quarter of 2016 (1957)  2016-05-30
According to the Thai Rice Exporters Association, Thailand is the world’s top rice exporter in the first quarter of 2016 with 44 billion baht in value of exports. This is 23 % higher than the same period of 2015. It has been followed by India, Vietnam, Pakistan and the US. Source: ..
Thailand’s rice growing area will be reduced for allocation of most cash driven crops (1932)  2016-05-30
The permanent secretary of the Commerce Ministry of Thailand has said declared a reduction in the area of rice production to promote other non-rice crops and to stablize the price of rice and secure the income of farmers. Based on the data obtained from the Geo-Informatics and Space Technolog..
Thailand’s government initiated the plan for the development of value-added products from rice. (2021)  2016-05-30
According to the permanent secretary of the Commerce Ministry of Thailand, the country has been setting up a plan to allocate a budget for building a “Rice Institute” to develop value-added products from Thai Rice. As a result of promoting the development of value-added products from ..
Lower rice production from the controlled plantation during the dry season fetches high prices at the current market in Thailand (2052)  2016-05-30
The recent drought induced a lower supply of rice for 2016 and has also driven high demand. In the upcoming third rice auction for this year, 51 rice traders had shown their interests, according to the director-general of the Foreign Trade Department of Thailand. The government will open further bid..
Farm Employments fetching lower income and replaced by non-farm employment in Southern Thailand (1966)  2016-04-22
According to the Bank of Thailand, the farm employments registered lower income figure while non-farm employments in terms of tourism and manufacturing has accelerated the economy of the Southern Part of Thailand. (Written ..
2016 Drought in Thailand caused agricultural product shortage in Thailand (2056)  2016-04-22
The year (2016), Thailand agriculture sector has faced the largest impact from severe drought in terms of sharp decline in quantities of agricultural products. The shortages of these agricultural products led to increase in the prices of certain crops.
Drought Forecasting in Thailand (2278)  2015-10-16
Thailand’s Geo-Informatics and Space Technology Development Agency (GISTDA) projected that the weather pattern for this year which has late rainfall and below average amount will continue for the next two years, 2017. According to their forecast, the Northern and Western Region where the ma..
Water Economizing Agriculture in Thailand (2310)  2015-10-16
Thailand’s Government pleaded with Rice Farmers to grow drought resistant crops rather than rice to minimize the impact of drought in what they called “Water Economizing Agriculture”. Source:, Sept..
Eight Measures to help affected by drought Thai farmers (2347)  2015-10-16
Thailand Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives proposed eight potential measures that the different ministries will work together to help affected by drought farmers.  Source:
Thai government supports farmers (2266)  2015-09-01
Thailand’s ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives have been planning to propose financial support to Thai Farmers. The criterion to be given this kind of support was based on a standard earning level. Those lower than this level will obtain financial support and those who do not meet this..
Thai rice export fall down (2534)  2015-09-01
Thai rice export was expected to fall down this year due to the increased competition in the world market by several importing nations. The president of the Thai Rice Exporters Association, agreed with the need for an institute to cope with this increased competition in the world rice exports. ..
Thailand Experiences Weird Weather (2252)  2015-07-23
Thailand has been facing its record breaking drought in decades this year. The government prioritization goes to the crisis of public tap-water shortage by cutting the amount of irrigation water to farmlands. This severe drought has affected the farmers and induced the delay of planting in this y..
Thailand Experiences Weird Weather (2386)  2015-07-23
The Thailand government is planning to help the drought affected farmers by allocating ten million baht to create jobs for them.   Source:, July 23, 2015 (Research and summarized..
Thailand Experiences Weird Weather (2447)  2015-07-23
Thailand’s Easterners and Southerners were reminded to watch out for  potential floods after heavy downpour  of July 16 to 20.   Source:, July 23, 2015 (Research and..
Thailand Experiences Weird Weather (2280)  2015-07-23
Recent rain pour has increased the water reserves in Northern, Northeastern and Central plains and some of the farmers got the chance to begin growing their delayed crops again.   Source:, July 23, 2015 (Research and summarized ..
Thailand’s Prime Minister requests farmers to delay planting (2298)  2015-06-26
Prime Minister has repeated his plea to farmers to delay planting due to water shortage.   Source: (Researched and summerized by Dr. Kampanat Pensupar) ..
Thai government’s responds to drought (2331)  2015-06-26
To cope with drought, the government will spend 51 million baht to dig underground wells. Source: (Researched and summarized by Dr. Kampanat Pensupar) ..