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Indonesia maize import reaches 2.3 million tons, an incease of 23% (1371)  2015-09-30
Central Bureau of Statistics reported that during January-August 2015, Indonesia imported 2,385 tons of maize, an increase of 23% from 1,827 tons in the same period in 2014.   Source: www://, 25 September 2015   Res..
Minister of Agriculture secures 350,000 ha of land for livestock investment in Indonesia (1314)  2015-09-30
To promote investment on beef cattle farming, the Minister of Agriculture will secure 350,000 ha of land located in Kalimantan, Merouke, and South East Sulawesi.   Source: www://, 18 September  2015   Researched and summari..
Jakarta beef retailers hold strike against high beef price (1499)  2015-08-10
Due to reduced import quota on beef, the price of beef has reached a record high of  USD 10.3/kg.  In response to this situation, retailers in Jakarta are striking and asking the government to relax beef import quota.   Source:
Indonesia temporarily stops corn imports (1222)  2015-08-10
Corn production is predicted to reach a surplus of 3 million tons in 2015.  To protect the interest of local corn farmers, the Ministry of Agriculture has temporarely banned corn imports.  This policy has raised some concerns to importers since around 400,000 tons of corn is being shipp..
President Joko Widodo Issued Presidential Decree No.71/2015 in Indonesia (1372)  2015-06-23
Core content : To stabilize supply and prices of the basic and strategic commodities, on June 15 2015, the government issued a decree on controlling storage and prices of the basic and strategic commodities.   The decree regulates: (a)  prohibition of private sectors to accumulate stock of..
Indonesian Government Regulation on Food Security and Nutrition (1398)  2015-04-21
To follow up the implementation of Food Law No.18/2012, the State Secretariat released the Government Regulation No.17/2015 on Food Security and Nutrition on 19 March 2015.   Source: the State Secretariat, March 19, 2015 (Research and summarized by Dr. Tahlim Sudaryanto) ..
Special Authority to Manage Palm Oil Fund in Indonesia (1413)  2015-04-13
A US$ 50/ton of exported CPO will be used to finance palm oil development (CPO Supporting Fund, CSF).  The fund will be managed by a special authority which is currently under assessment by the Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs of Indonesia. Source: Press release of the Coordinating..
Indonesia’s Ministry Agriculture Releases New Strategic Plan (1486)  2015-04-13
The Ministry of Agriculture (MoA) has officially released the new Strategic Plan of 2015-2019.  The document will serve as an umbrela for formulating policy and programs for all work units within MoA and other stakeholders.   Sources:  Press release of the Ministry of Agric..
Permit of 945,000 Tons of Raw Sugar Import Granted in Indonesia (1382)  2015-03-26
The Ministry  of Trade has issued the permit to import 945,000 tons of raw sugar for the period of April-June 2015.  The quantity of import permitted is larger than the quantity permitted during previous quarter to anticipate the higher demand during this coming ramadhan month in June 2015..
President signed Purchase Price of Rice Decree in Indonesia (1382)  2015-03-26
According to Presidential Decree No.5/2015, the government’s purchase price of rice has increased by 12.1 % from IDR 3,300/kg to IDR 3,700/kg (at the farmgate).  Likewise, the price of dried rice has been increased by 10.7% from IDR 4,200/kg to IDR 4,650/kg at the BULOG (National Logistic..
Rice production in 2014 (preliminary estimate) is predicted to decrease by 0.63% in Indonesia (1578)  2015-03-02
Core content :  Rice production in 2014 (preliminary estimate) is predicted to reach 70.83 million mt, or decrease by 0.63 compared to 2013 figure. The decline was due to a decrese in harvested area (0.30%) and a decrese in yield (0.33%)   Sources : Press Release Central Bureau of ..
Downward trend on natural rubber price in the world market, ITRC controls excess supply in Indonesia (1389)  2015-02-27
The 24th Meeting of the International Tripartite Rubber Council (ITRC) in Bandung, Indonesia on 27 February 2015 concluded that member countries should control excess supply to reverse a downward trend of natural rubber price in the world market.    Sources : Press Release Ministry o..