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Trump Says He Will Sign Phase-One China Trade Deal Jan. 15 (178)  2020-01-09
U.S. President Donald Trump said he will sign the first phase of a trade deal with China on Jan. 15, sealing an agreement that sees the Asian nation raising purchases of American farm goods in exchange for lower tariffs on some of its products. “The ceremony will take place at the White Hou..
China drafts new rules to prevent use of polluting plastics in agriculture (150)  2019-12-06
Chinese farmers cover fields with vast amounts of plastic to help maintain soil moisture and protect against pests. Photo: ShutterstockChinese farmers cover fields with vast amounts of plastic to help maintain soil moisture and protect against pests. Photo: Shutterstock Chinese farmers cover fiel..
Hong Kong: Crops in the clouds (264)  2019-11-11
At the top of a three-storey building in Hong Kong, with car horns blasting on the streets below, Jim Fung teaches a dozen students how to thin out choi sum vegetables. “Always use the resources you have,” the instructor said as he placed shredded office paper into soil-filled plastic..
China’s big plan to boost domestic consumption in midst of US trade war (325)  2019-08-27
China has unveiled a series of measures to try to boost consumer spending and focus exporters on the domestic market as it continues to battle the United States over trade. In an official policy document published on Tuesday, the State Council, China’s cabinet, listed 20 measures to help im..
China may ease post-Fukushima ban on Japan’s food imports (755)  2018-11-20
During his groundbreaking visit Beijing in October, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has said that China may ease its import restrictions on certain Japanese agriculture products, which has been placed in since the 2011 nuclear disaster in Fukushima. “China said it will consider easing th..
Study: Flies may transmit African swine fever (833)  2018-11-15
Findings from a recent study suggest flies in contact with sick pigs may transmit the virus A recent study concluded that if a pig digests flies that have been in contact with a herd infected by African Swan Fever (ASF), that pig could contract the virus. More than 50 African swine feve..
Pig feed producer reports ASF contamination in feed (851)  2018-11-12
First report of feed supplies contaminated with deadly African swine fever Chinese animal feed producer Tangrenshen Group has reported that pig feed produced by one of its business units has been contaminated with African swine fever (ASF), according to Reuters. This is the first time feed sup..
Vietnam calls on Swiss investors in agriculture (839)  2018-07-01
Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Tran Thanh Nam called on Swiss investors to engage in Vietnam’s agricultural sector during a trade and investment promotion forum on agriculture in Zurich, Switzerland, on June 29. Vietnam is one of the world largest exporters of many agr..
China lifts two-decade ban on import of British beef triggered by mad cow fears (1022)  2018-06-27
China has lifted a ban on importing British beef lasting more than 20 years that was triggered by the “mad cow disease” outbreak, the U.K. government said Wednesday. “China has today lifted its long-standing ban on exports of beef from the U.K., in a landmark move for British pr..
China says will ditch import tariffs on soybeans from India, South Korea, others (1062)  2018-06-26
China said on Tuesday it will remove import tariffs on soybeans from Bangladesh, India, Laos, South Korea and Sri Lanka, after Beijing hit imports of the oilseed from the United States with a hefty penalty as part of an escalating trade dispute. The Ministry of Finance said the cut will be effect..
Alibaba Cloud Launches ET Agricultural Brain at the Shanghai Computing Conference (1180)  2018-06-12
Alibaba Cloud, the cloud computing arm of Alibaba Group, launched its proprietary ET Agricultural Brain at The Computing Conference 2018: Shanghai Summit today. The cutting-edge AI program has been adopted already by a number of leading pig farming and fruit and vegetable growing enterprises in Chin..
China’s Longping High-Tech Agriculture invests in Brazilian corn to grab a third of its corn seed market (1108)  2018-05-30
Longping is investing heavily to grab a third of the country’s corn seed market, and says facing off against Monsanto in the soy seeds market will be next. Longping High-Tech Agriculture Co, an agricultural firm controlled by China conglomerate CITIC Group Corp, sees Brazil expanding corn o..
Trade truce with China could boost US beef, soybeans and other agriculture products (1484)  2018-05-22
Over the weekend, the U.S. and China issued a joint statement stating that both "agreed on meaningful increases in United States agriculture and energy exports," bringing temporary relief to a heated trade dispute. "We estimate a potential increase of US$60-90bn in Chinese purcha..
China, Vietnam Hold Joint Activity of Fishery Resources for Stock Enhancement, Releasing and Maintenance in the Beibu Gulf (1203)  2018-05-16
On May 8, 2018 China-Vietnam’s Joint Activity for Stock Enhancement, Releasing and Maintenance in the Beibu Gulf was held at the Beilun River Estuary, Dongxing City, Guangxi Province.  The Beibu Gulf is a shared fishing ground for fishermen from China and Vietnam and it is of great sig..
China Issues Guideline for Agricultural Development (2240)  2015-07-08
China's Ministry of Agriculture on Wednesday published a guideline on achieving "zero discharge" of agricultural waste by 2030.   Source:, May 28, 2015 (Researched and summarized By Dr. Zhen Zhong) ..
Agriculture, Non-coal Industries Attract More Investments in First Four Months in China (2343)  2015-07-08
Shanxi's fixed assets investment grew by 8.3% to 154.53 billion yuan ($24.93 billion) from January to April, compared to the first four months of last year, according to the province's statistics bureau.   Source:, Ma..
China to Reclaim 670,000 Hectares of Land for Forest, Grass (2339)  2015-07-08
China aims to reclaim 10 million mu (almost 670, 000 square kilometers) of farmlands and return it to forest and grass in 2015, according to the country's top economic planning body.   Source:, June 5, 2015 (Rese..
Environmental Footprint of China's Food Security Policies (2214)  2015-07-08
Policies for food security in China have called for basic self-sufficiency in grains and absolute security in staple grains such as wheat and rice. These policies have had, and will continue to have, significant implications on the environment, mostly in terms of land and water, both within China..
China Supports Entrepreneurship in Rural Regions (1876)  2015-07-08
China will support migrant workers, college graduates and army veterans who wish to return to their rural hometowns to start new businesses, part of a national campaign to boost entrepreneurship and employment.   Source:, J..
China Ready to Trim Stockpiles of Cotton (2304)  2015-07-08
China said on Thursday it will start selling its massive cotton stockpiles this year, in a move likely to depress demand as the country's mills hold off buying in anticipation of sales of discounted fiber.   Source:
Hanergy Offers Smart Solution for Boosting Agriculture Efficiency in China (2208)  2015-05-18
Workers with Hanergy Group install solar panels for a customer in the United Kingdom. The company is devoted to providing new solutions for greenhouses in rural China.   Source:, May 7, 2015 (Research and summarized ..
Loans Benefit Mount Wutai's Farmers in China (2065)  2015-05-18
Wutai County, in Shanxi province, which is the site of Mount Wutai’s scenic area is providing 142-million yuan ($23 million) in loans for local farmers this spring for the scientific development of agriculture, with participants from both agricultural and commercial bank branches.   ..
China's Food, Nutrition Security Faces Challenges: Report (2129)  2015-05-18
The International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) said in a report Wednesday that China's food security faces pressure that warrants government action   Source:, May. 14, 2015 (Research and summarize..
HK Bans Poultry Product Import from Three Regions (2160)  2015-05-18
Hong Kong authorities announced Tuesday that they have banned the import of poultry meat and products (including poultry eggs) from Whitley County in the United States, Nahouri Province in Burkina Faso and Balikesir Province in Turkey.   Source:
China Adjusts Subsidy Policy to Help Farmers (2141)  2015-05-04
China will improve agricultural subsidy policies in an effort to deepen rural reforms, promote agricultural modernization and increase peasants' income.   Source:, May. 1, 2015 (Research and summerized by Dr. Zen Zh..
China's Legislature Passes Tougher Food Safety Law Aamendment (2136)  2015-05-04
The Standing Committee of China's National People's Congress (NPC), the country's top legislature, on Friday voted to adopt an amendment to the Food Safety Law that gives the heaviest penalties yet to offenders.   Source:
China’s Ministry of Agriculture Urges Farmers to Do More to Address Water and Soil Pollution (2320)  2015-05-04
The government wants to promote the use of waste management systems at livestock farms and to try to reduce pollution from plastic films, as well as promote biodegradable products as an alternative. Farmers use 2.5 million tons of sheeting a year to prevent moisture evaporation and for weed c..
Yu Kangzhen Underlines Veterinary Service and Modern Animal Production Development in China (2458)  2015-05-04
The seventh national training class (veterinary and animal production session) for officials of major agriculture, livestock and fishery counties in 2015 opened in the CAU (China Agricultural University) branch of the Agriculture Management Institute of MOA on April 15, 2015. Vice Minister Yu Kan..
Vice Premier Speaks at Agricultural Teleconference in Beijing (2129)  2015-05-04
Chinese Vice Premier Wang Yang (C) speaks at a national teleconference on rectification of agriculture-related funds in Beijing, capital of China.   Source:, April. 14, 2015 (Research and summerized by Dr. Zhen Zh..
Agro-product Quality & Safety Remains Stable in First Quarter in China (2133)  2015-05-04
The Ministry of Agriculture (MOA) completed the first quarter national routine monitoring campaign (risk monitoring) for agro-product quality & safety in 152 large and medium sized cities across 31 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities).   Source:
China to Boost Sustainable Growth in Agriculture (2160)  2015-05-04
The State Council has issued a plan to boost sustainable development of agriculture by 2020. According to the plan, the country will promote scientific and technological advances in agriculture, protect farmlands, raise irrigation efficiency, fight against environmental pollution and restore agri..
Chinese Lawmakers Hear Reports on Building of New Countryside, Investment in Water Conservation (2090)  2015-05-04
China's top legislature on Tuesday heard reports on the progress of overall rural reform -- termed the "building of new socialist countryside" -- and national investment in water conservation at its bimonthly session.   Source:
China's Focus on Agricultural Reform for 12 years (2205)  2015-03-31
The first policy paper of each year, known as the "Number One Document", is considered an important indicator of the Chinese government's annual priorities. It's the 12th year in a row that the document has focused on rural reform.  The shift began in 2004, when the the..
Chinese Hybrid Rice Yield Hits Record (2436)  2015-03-31
A team led by Yuan Longping, known in China as "the father of hybrid rice" has made a record for hybrid rice production with an average yield of 1,004.5 kilograms per mu (0.0667 hectares). The new record was confirmed by experts from the Hunan Hybrid Rice Research Center and the agr..
Rule of Law a Must to Promote Rural Development in China (2382)  2015-03-31
The "No. 1 Central Document" of 2015 was released on Sunday, Feb. 1 by the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council pointed out that the countryside is a weak link in China's striving for the rule of law.  As China's agricultural and rural ref..