Korea's five year plan for fostering environmentally-friendly agriculture

On March 10, 2016, the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (MAFRA) announced the five-year plan (2016~2020) for fostering environmentally-friendly agriculture. The policy goal of this plan is to increase the scale of environmentally-friendly agricultural market up to 2.5 trillion won in 2020 from 1.4 trillion won in 2015.

Source: http://www.mafra.go.kr/list.jsp?&newsid=155447804§ion_id=b_sec_1&pageNo=3&year=2016&listcnt=10&board_kind=C&board_skin_id=C3&depth=1&division=B&group_id=3&menu_id=1125&reference=&parent_code=3&popup_yn=&tab_yn=N

(Researched and summarized by Dr. Jeongbin Im)