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China's Focus on Agricultural Reform for 12 years

The first policy paper of each year, known as the "Number One Document", is considered an important indicator of the Chinese government's annual priorities. It's the 12th year in a row that the document has focused on rural reform.

 The shift began in 2004, when the theme of the document was increasing the incomes of people in rural areas. The following two years focused on agricultural productivity.

 For the first time in 2007, the document emphasized the promotion of MODERN agriculture and development in rural areas.

 In the following three years, the emphasis was on stabilizing agricultural development and increasing rural incomes.

 Then in 2011, agricultural technology became the dominant theme, while water management reform was the focus of 2012. Since then, more wide-ranging reform has taken center stage, with an emphasis on "speeding up rural reform and agricultural modernization".


Source: Xinhua News Agency, February 3, 2015

(Research and summerized by Dr. Zhen Zhong)