China, Vietnam Hold Joint Activity of Fishery Resources for Stock Enhancement, Releasing and Maintenance in the Beibu Gulf

On May 8, 2018 China-Vietnam’s Joint Activity for Stock Enhancement, Releasing and Maintenance in the Beibu Gulf was held at the Beilun River Estuary, Dongxing City, Guangxi Province. 

The Beibu Gulf is a shared fishing ground for fishermen from China and Vietnam and it is of great significance to both countries to promote the sustainable development of  fishery in this area. 

During the releasing, nearly 43 million fish and shrimp fingerlings including grouper were released into the Beibu Gulf. It shows the positive attitude and determination of the two sides in jointly building the Maritime Silk Road, maintaining fishery resources in the Beibu Gulf and benefiting people in the two countries. The activity will play an active role in promoting sustainable development of fishery in the Beibu Gulf, and further enhancing China-Vietnamese cooperation in fishery and increasing the benefits to the people and friendship between the two countries.

In May 2017, the two countries jointly held a large-scale stock enhancement and releasing activity for the first time. According to the estimation of tracing inspection, the recapture rate of black porgy is 15.7% while the figure of Penaeus reaches 39%. The overall output of released species has increased two folds. As a result, the major economic species have been effectively complemented and fishermen’s income increased dramatically. 

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