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Indonesia ups use of corn hybrid seed

Indonesia’s Ministry of Agriculture is aiming for the country’s corn production to reach 33.13 million tonnes in 2025. This is a 40.5% increase from 2016’s production. To achieve this target, the ministry through its Agriculture Research and Development Agency will provide 40% (16,000 tonnes) of the total hybrid seeds needed. Mohammad Ismail Wahab, Head of the agency said the use of hybrid seed is a must in order to increase corn productivity. “Currently the use of hybrid seed is still low.

Around 44% or 1.95 million ha still uses composite seed,” he said. “The productivity of composite seed is only around 3.32-5.31 tonnes/ha while hybrid seed can reach 8.2-10.31 tonnes/ha.” The agency has successfully developed 29 varieties of hybrid corn, with some varieties developed for dry land.