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Farm machinery uptake to increase, predicted Thai agricultural experts

The use of farm machinery is set to be increased in Thailand’s agricultural practices, according to the international experts.

An exclusive interview forum for media to discuss the topic “Improving Efficiency in Crop Production – How New Technologies Support Farmers in Modern Crop Production” was held today, organised by VNU Exhibitions Asia Pacific Co, Ltd and DLG International GmbH. On 8 June, Thailand, experts from the agriculture industry were invited to the event to share their points of view with the press.

The forum heard there was a shortage of workers in Thailand’s agriculture sector, which still depends on manual labour, but generates the lowest income per person. Many agricultural workers have changed occupation and left the sector completely to secure more stable incomes, and this could develop into a long-term challenge that could affect the production of agricultural products and food in the country. Thailand is an important producer and exporter of agricultural products and food in the Southeast-Asian region.

With its population profile ageing quickly, the labour situation is becoming more transparent. There are currently about 7.5mn people aged 65 or more in the country, and this figure is projected to increase to 17mn by 2040, which will represent more than a quarter of the expected population.

One of the solutions that are supported by both Thailand’s public and private sectors to help tackle the labour shortage is the introduction of mechanized farming practices to enhance the labour capacity and increase efficiency. Mechanised farming is not only able to solve the labour shortage by making the workers that remain much more productive, but it also assures a stable quantity and quality of production. This means a better and more stable income for farmers.

The DLG, which organises AGRITECHNICA, the world's leading trade fair for agricultural technology, is collaborating with VNU Exhibitions Asia Pacific Co, Ltd to hold the second edition of AGRITECHNICA ASIA from 22-24 August 2018 at BITEC, Bangkok. The exhibition supports the policies implemented by Thailand’s public sector to help the country’s farmers’ transition to a new era of farm mechanisation.

As co-host of AGRITECHNICA ASIA 2018, the Department of Agricultural Extension will organise guided tours through the trade fair to present farming machine innovation to farmers and interested staff. More than 1,000 Thai smart farmers and provincial officers will be invited.

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