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US eyes wider market in Indonesia for agriculture products

The United States has eyed a wider market to export its agriculture products to Southeast Asia, with Indonesia as the hub, as it is the largest economy in the region, by sending an agriculture trade mission to Jakarta from July 16 to 19.

"We are looking at all market for two-way trade. We are coming here because the relationship with Indonesia has been very positive," US Department of Agriculture (USDA) Under Secretary for Trade and Foreign Agricultural Affairs, Ted McKinney, noted during a press briefing here on Wednesday.

"The participants are very diverse, and they met in what I called a speed dating, where they discussed trade among themselves, business-to-business meeting, G-to-G, as well as B-to-G meeting, where we always included officials from your ministry of agriculture, ministry of trade, and BPOM (Indonesia`s Food and Medicines Inspection Agency)," he remarked.

The USDA also invited businesses from Philippines and Malaysia to join the meeting in Jakarta, as the two countries also have favorable conditions as Indonesia for US export expansion, such as rapidly growing economies, increasing middle-class population, and continuing urbanization.

Indonesia and the US have been enjoying free and fair trade relations, with nearly US$3 billion surplus for Indonesia in 2017.

Indonesia is the largest trade partner of the US in Southeast Asia, where US` export value in 2017 reached $2.9 billion, with soybeans as the largest commodity.

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