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Bulog: Rice Stock Sufficient until July 2019
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The State Logistics Agency (Bulog) director Budi Waseso said the rice stock is sufficient until July 2019 and no import is needed. 

“Based on calculations done by the State Intelligence Agency (BIN), police, and experts last night at 11 p.m, we don’t need to import rice until July 2019,” said Budi Waseso during his speech in the launching of Agricultural Development Polytechnic in Bogor, West Java, Tuesday, September 18.

According to Budi Waseso, the rice stock is currently surplus despite Indonesia suffered the dry season. “If BIN asks for import, I will do so,” he added.

Budi clarified the polemic between him and Trade Minister Enggartiasto Lukita. “It is not a polemic. I have a question to be answered as I am not a minister but a practitioner in the field.”

He mentioned the long-stored imported rice in Bulog was not used and that reduced its quality. “Why do we need to import [rice], that’s a logical question,” Budi said, admitting that he had no agricultural education but concerned on the matter since he was a police officer.

The Bulog director was concerned that Indonesia as the agricultural country imported agricultural products. “It’s ironic. I’m one of those people who reject food import,” he underlined.

Budi Waseso pinned hope the Agriculture Development Polytechnic established by Agriculture Ministry would strengthen the country’s food security and encourage Indonesia as the largest exporter of agricultural products such as China. According to him, China only has a season in a year for the planting period and is not an agricultural country but its food security lasted for 10 years.