Indonesia ready to produce agricultural entrepreneurs

The Indonesian Ministry of Agriculture, through the Agricultural Human Resources Counseling and Development Agency (BPPSDMP), is ready to produce graduates, with entrepreneurial orientation in agriculture.

Ministry`s Head for Agricultural Human Resources Momon Rusmono remarked here on Monday that the BPPSDMP had transformed agricultural vocational education from the former Agricultural Extension College to the Agricultural Development Polytechnic (Polbangtan).

Rusmono said the transformation of agricultural vocational education is directed towards producing "job creators," with entrepreneurial spirit and expertise in agriculture, animal husbandry, and plantations.

Furthermore, Agriculture Minister Andi Amran Sulaiman will launch the Polbangtan on September 18, 2018, in Bogor, West Java.

Rusmono said this educational transformation was conducted in order to maintain the sustainability of agricultural development or regeneration, with characteristics of socio entrepreneurs in the agriculture sector.

With this change, the study programs will also increase from three to 13.

These 13 study programs are related to sustainable agricultural counseling, extension of precision plantations, production technology of plantation crops, livestock counseling and animal welfare, horticultural agribusiness, animal health, agricultural mechanization, seed technology, animal feed technology, livestock production, livestock agribusiness, horticulture cultivation, and livestock cultivation.

These 13 study programs have received 1,300 new students, from 12 thousand participants, who had given the written test.