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Organic Scheme to MyOrganic in Malayisa

Malaysia will rebrand its Malaysian Organic Scheme (SOM Standard) to MyOrganic. The initiatives aimed at encouraging more people to purchase and consume organic products. MyOrganic is more comprehensive and integrated standard that include the agricultural, livestock and aquaculture sub-sectors. The new standard will follow the international standard for organic products, and thus, will enhance consumers' confidence towards organic products from Malaysia.  

The SOM Standard which was established by the Department of Agriculture Malaysia in 2003 is a standard that sets out the requirement for the production of, the labeling and claims for only organic agriculture. The standard of organic agriculture is based on the Malaysian Standard MS 1529:2001 for production, processing, labeling and marketing of plant based organically food products.  

Currently, more than 136 farms have been certified with SOM Standard and they will be transformed into the new MyOrganic certification.  


Source and date: Ministry of Agriculture and Agro-based Industry about rebranding of Malaysian, April 14, 2015

(Research and summerized by Dr. Rozhan Bin Abu Darkak)