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More than 15,000 chickens in Taiwan culled due to H5N2 infection

A total of 16,728 Taiwan native chickens at a farm in Taiwan’s southwestern county of Yulin were culled on Sunday (Feb. 24) after some of the chicken were confirmed as having been infected with H5N2 one day earlier, according to a Central News Agency (CNA) report on Sunday.

The Animal and Plant Disease Control Center of Yunlin County Government issued a news release on Sunday, saying that they received a report from the owner of a chicken farm in Huwei Township, surnamed Lee, on Feb. 19 that some of the chickens on Lee's farm died abnormally, CNA reported.

Upon receiving the report, the center dispatched personnel to disinfect the area surrounding the farm and bring back samples of dead birds to send out for testing by the Animal Health Research Institute (AHRI) under the Council of Agriculture, the report said.

The Animal and Plant Disease Control Center received a fax from the AHRI Saturday confirming that the chicken farm was infected with the highly pathogenic H5N2 variety.

As many as 16, 738 chickens at the farm were culled on Sunday in an effort to contain the H5N2 infection.

The center said that a total of 35,596 birds at five farms in the county have been culled due to avian flu infections since the beginning of this year, CNA reported.

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