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Booming agricultural collaboration between Vietnam and Korea

As part of Korea's strategy for the transfer of agricultural technology to developing countries, the Rural Development Administration (RDA) has been building agricultural R&D partnerships over the past two decades with counterparts from developing countries in Asia, including Vietnam. 

The cooperation has been carried out through the Korea Program on International Agriculture (KOPIA) and the Asia Food and Agriculture Cooperation Initiative (AFACI) of the RDA. 

Bilateral links between Korea and Vietnam have developed significantly since the establishment of diplomatic relations in 1992. However, the two countries' agricultural relationship was officially established in 2009 when the RDA opened the KOPIA Vietnam center at Vietnam Academy of Agricultural Sciences (VAAS) to support further collaboration between the RDA and VAAS in agricultural technology transfer. 

At this crucial event, the RDA signed the first formal memorandum of understanding (MOU) with VAAS that laid the foundation for a succeeding decade of collaboration. 

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