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Vietnam: Dangerous weedkiller still used despite ban

Despite its negative effects on human health and the environment and a Government ban from February, Paraquat is still being traded in Việt Nam, the Vietnam News Agency has reported.

Paraquat, a chemical weedkiller, and 2,4-D, an organic compound, have been used to control weeds in Việt Nam since the 1990s.

2,4-D paraquat can be found in many commercial lawn herbicide mixtures. More than 1,500 herbicide products contain 2,4-D as an active ingredient.

Breathing in Paraquat can cause lung damage and long-term exposure to Paraquat may cause pulmonary fibrosis.

In February 2017, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development issued a decree prohibiting the use of plant protection products containing paraquat and 2,4-Dichlorophenoxyacetic acid (2,4-D) in Việt Nam yet still allowed the trade and use of the products for two years starting from when the ban became effective, meaning this February.

The department head Hoàng Trung said they were working on a draft circular promulgating the list of plant protection drugs permitted for use, restricted for use or banned from use in Việt Nam.

Until then, Paraquat will be officially banned.

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