Taiwan’s sweet potato enters global market

The Council of Agriculture on Tuesday (Aug. 6) held the Innovation Incubation Graduation Presentation, in which 15 Taiwanese companies took part and showed the fruits of their labor.

According to the Council of Agriculture, agricultural start-ups focus more and more on the use of technology, and working with research institutions gives them a competitive edge in the global market. One success story is Taiwan's sweet potatoes, which were in the past considered to be peasant food.

K.K. Orchard, whose products can be found in Family Mart, has utilized software developed by the Institute for Information Industry that allows them to keep up with production and market needs. Meanwhile, Ching Chiuan Technological Agriculture Cooperation, which supplies 7-11 with their sweet potatoes, has improved the quantity and quality of their crops and received GLOBALG.AP. certification under the guidance of the agricultural authorities, reported the China Times.

Wang Shih-sian (王仕賢), the director of the Council of Agriculture's Department of Science and Technology, pointed out that many second-generation agricultural businesses are willing to cooperate with the public sector. The success of the two sweet potato producers indicates the great potential of modern agriculture in Taiwan.


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