Taiwan: Delegation to promote agriculture in Russia

A Council of Agriculture-led delegation is to travel to Moscow on Wednesday next week to take part in a two-day promotion of Taiwanese agricultural products.

Russia imports more than US$28 billion in agricultural produce, while yam exports to Russia could reach NT$300 per kilogram, the council said.

The quality of Taiwanese produce is undeniable, and while China, the US and Japan would remain the major export destinations for the nation’s agricultural products, the council is ready to develop a new market in Russia, as much of the produce grown in Taiwan is not found there, council Deputy Minister Chen Tien-shou said.

Department of West Asian and African Affairs Director Ali Yang at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) said that the number of Russian tourists visiting Taiwan last year increased by 85 percent, or 10,000 individuals, from 2017.


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