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Realizing the potential of digital development: The case of agricultural advice

The agricultural output could be possibly increased by the prevalence of mobile device.

When talking about ICT (Information Communication Technology), people always think about Facebook and IG in domestic use, or space shuttle, unmanned areial vehicle (UAV) and satellite in specialized application. The basic concept of ICT is to transmit siginal over long distance to make things happen by a controller. When using ICT on agriculture, many names so called "smart agriculture", "digital agriculture", or "precision agriculture" appear. However, the ultimate goal of ICT-based agriculture is to increase agricultural output and  production yield in a more efficient and transparent way than before.

How ICT can be used or applied in agriculture? Is there any working model or example in the world?  Dr. Schilbach and co-authors introduced in their article about how mobile devices conuld contribute to the development of digital agriculture by narrowing knowledge and marketing gap along the agricultural production value chain. The practical application about how mobile device can contribute to the farmland management and its impacts at farmers' level are also explained through collected fata from Africa and India. 

In addition to farmland management, the ransparent market information provided by mobile device can also ensure farmers' right on contract farming and their marginal profit.  With the prevalence and cost reduction of mobile device, it is expected that, in addition to agricuture, other fields such as education or health can also undergo digital innovation with ICT.

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