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Effect of tolerance on the evolution of antibiotic resistance under drug combination

Author: Jiafeng Liu, Orit Gefen, Irine Ronin, Maskit Bar-Meir, Nathalie Q. Balaban

Science 367:200-204 (2020) 

Liu et al. (2020) proposed a concept that, under the presence of antibiotc tolerance background, the appearane of antibiotic resistance will be faster which lead to the collapse of antibiotic treatment in human beings. This concept has been supported by the in vivo and in vitro experiment results conducted by Liu et al. (2020). 

Other than human beings, agricultural activities such as livestock, aquaculture, and dairy farming also correlate with issues of antibiotic abuse, especialy in the Asian-Pacific region. The concepts of biosecurity and knowledge of antibiotic to safeguard the food security and farmers' welfare rely on the joint effort among government, private sectors, and producers along the production value chain.

In Vietnam, the government sector has adopted Bio-check technoogy to monitor and assess biosecurity level in swine and poultry production system. The primary result showed such a biosecurity surveillance can preserve the health of animals and expect to include more involvement of swine/poultry farmers to identify relationship between between biosecutiry and antimicrobial use.

In the future, more inter-disciplinary efforts, cross-sector collaborations, and international institutes shall come out with a systematic and integrated solution toward this structured issues.