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Sustainability certification as a pillar to promote Indonesian coffee competitiveness

Author: A Wahyudi, S Wulandari, A Aunillah, and JC Alouw
IOP Conf. Series: Earth and Environmental Science 418 (2020) 012009

In addition to crop food, the other way to improve welfare and increase income of smallholder farmers in developing country is economic crops, such as coffee, cocoa, oil palm and sigarcane etc. The common difficulty limiting the agricultural development in developing country can be primarily summarized as limited farmland size, climate change, inaccess to marketing channel, and lack of extension on certification etc. 

In this paper, Wahyudi et al. (2020) analysed the status of coffee industry in Indonesia along the coffee production value chain, especially on the the introduction and advantage of certification. The direct benefit to smallholder coffee farmers in revenue, under the consecutive over-supply caused decreasing coffee bean price, is to join and adopt certified system. 

For other crops in Asian-Pacific region, such as Black Gram and seasame in Myannmar, Rice in Laos, and dragon fruit in Philippine, the biased emphasis on production and process and the neglect of post-farvest and marketing channel might have been one of the factors contributing to the inefficiency of farmers' income. 

While the global community largely focues on large-scale scenario, such as food security, climate chnage, and smart agriculture, the direct relationship to increase farmers' welfare may be put efforts on the later part of agricultural value chain of which is mostly related to the revenue of farmers.