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Message from FFTC Management

Within the context of globalization, the move of the agro-food sector to market orientation and less protection adds to the competitive pressure. This underlines the challenge for the agro-food sector to produce high quality and high value added products. And under this situation, policy support to agro-food producers is imperative to face increasingly volatile markets, to ensure the provision of public goods and to facilitate changes in agro-food practices in order to ensure an agro-food sector that meets societal demands.

Although the countries in the Asia-Pacific region have a series of national agricultural policies to meet these challenges, the region lacks relevant agencies or organizations to provide a mechanism or platform for sharing and exchanging the dynamic information on national agricultural policies in the region. And this deficiency is further aggravated by the language barrier.

Based on its core confidence in international cooperation and achievements in serving as a platform for the information exchange on agricultural technologies in the Asia-Pacific region, the Food and Fertilizer Technology Center (FFTC) expands the scope of its information network activities to embrace agricultural policy issues in the region.

The goal of this initiative is to promote communication between countries in the Asia-Pacific region regarding their respective national agricultural policies, which hopefully contribute to the likely formation of mutually consented agricultural policies at the regional level. And the specific objective of AP is to establish a database of national agricultural policies for sharing and exchanging agricultural policy information across different countries. We covered the agricultural policies of Japan, Korea, Philippines and Taiwan in 2013 and added another four Asian countries - China, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam in 2014.  We also added Malaysia, another Asian country in 2015.  We will increase the number of Asian countries in the future. 

This website is a work in progress and we have designed it as such that you can also interact with us since we would like to know who is interested to read and use the information which we collect. We would therefore highly appreciate your feedback and constructive criticism. In particular, if you can tell us what you want, and the kind of information that you wish us to get, it would help us a lot in our data gathering. We would be glad doing all of these so that we can serve you better.

Consider us as your active partners in helping build a stronger and more significant agricultural sector in the Asia-Pacific region.

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題外話,先前網路和新聞都有說台灣的石斑魚原本主力外銷大陸,但是近幾個月來已經持續下降,有人聽聞農委會或是漁業署有輔導轉養其他經濟魚貨或是協助轉移市場嗎?  (mart-- : 2016-07-11 12:30:12)
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